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Puerto Maldonado and surroundings flooding emergency

February 2021

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Disaster has struck again in Madre de Dios in the southeastern Peruvian Amazon!

As of 20 February 2021, extraordinary amounts of rain upstream and along the Madre de Dios and Tambopata Rivers, and others nearby, have brought a huge increase of the flow of these rivers.   Puerto Maldonado, the capital of Madre de Dios lays at  the confluence of these two major rivers, and currently the area is suffering a significant flooding event, that it seems even higher than the last flooding disaster of 2014. 

While it is common to have dramatic river height increases during the rainy season in the Amazon floodplains, the current precipitation levels are noticeably higher than average. The current levels of these rivers have affected thousands of people, especially those living in the river margins.  Many are still trapped in their lands, and thousands have lost all.  Besides the devastation that the region is suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people in the  lower lands in Puerto Maldonado and  those in the  rural areas along the rivers are in desperate need of help. 

Hacienda Herrera-CECCOT lays along the Madre de Dios river, and we are so fortunate that the flood damage has been minimal compared to what others are suffering. The Herrera-Zegarra and Herrera-Torres families are safe and the staff too. The facilities are built on higher ground, so fortunately are safe too. We hope that the river doesn't go up more! 


We at Hacienda Herrera-CECCOT (HHC), and through the voluntary initiative and leadership of Ruth Torres and Kenny Herrera who already are in the first line helping people, want to expand the efforts of immediate and efficient help to the most affected.


Thus, we are asking to help us fund the following efforts. 

  • Provide transportation to affected families and move them to safe areas

  • Provide food and clothing for families who have lost everything in the flood


Ruth and Kenny are working right now providing transportation and making sure distribution of all goods are done using proper safety COVID-19 protocols. They are also coordinating efforts with the local authorities, other aid initiatives and communities affected.

Huge THANKS for your support, any amount helps. Your donation today will make a world of difference to these vulnerable communities in the SE Peruvian Amazon. 


If you are in Peru, can transfer funds directly to:

Ruth Kayner Torres via the Banco de Credito del Peru

BCP Cuenta en Soles 48590569675086

Cuenta interbancaria: 00248519056967508617

From anywhere else, you can donate through our donation page or by clicking in here: 



See below a photo gallery of how Puerto Maldonado and surroundings have been affected. Pictures courtesy of our collaborator Journalist Pavel Martiarena, and Kenny Herrera from Hacienda Herrera-CECCOT directly from the area (as of 21 Feb, 2021)

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