For more than 9 years we have worked with members of the Ese’Eja communities of Palma Real and Sonene in Madre de Dios in the southeastern Peruvian Amazon. Through our conservation and education programs we have either visited their communities for cultural and educational activities or they have visited us with their kids  to participate in our educational activities and to teach craft workshops for us.  We have worked mostly with the women artisans, their teachers and students. Today people in these  communities are suffering due to COVID-19. Given the lack of resources, reduced government assistance, and the distance from urban areas the impact of this pandemic has been really brutal for them.


We at Hacienda Herrera-CECCOT (HHC) are joining the local and international efforts to help more people in this region, and reaching out to our Peruvian and international community to ask for help to support the families of the Palma Real and Sonene communities.

We are starting this Emergency Relief Fund and we hope that you can help us to achieve the following goals:

  • US$10 will supply COVID-19 reusable masks for 10 people.  Our goal is to hire local women to make a minimum of 1,000 cloth masks for members of the Palma Real and Sonene Ese’Eja communities

  • US$35 will supply a bundle of food and cleaning supplies for ONE family for a week.  Our goal is to provide at least one care package with nutritious food to the Palma Real and Sonene for each Artisan women families and communities (about 135 families). 

With this help, we will be also providing an income to women in Puerto Maldonado, as the reusable fabric masks are made locally  with proper materials and health specifications. These are the same women who work with us making bird bags, mosquito nets and other handmade items that we use in HHC. 

Distribution of all goods are done using proper safety protocols and in coordination with the local authorities and the Native communities Federation (FENAMAD acronym in Spanish). 

Huge THANKS for your support. Your donation today will make a world of difference to these vulnerable communities in the SE Peruvian Amazon. 


See a photo gallery of our work with these communities in here

COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund to support the Ese’Eja communities of Palma Real and Sonene in Madre de Dios, Peru

Thanks for supporting our work
With your help we can support the following:

- the training of students in conservation science, environmental education, ecotourism and sustainable livelihoods

- Our research activities such as the monitoring of bird populations and other wildlife in our private reserve and neighboring areas

- Educational material and outdoor activities for local children and youth in our Bosque Escuela (Forest school)

- Support women and girls active participation in science and conservation

CECCOT’s mission is to promote human-integrated conservation of tropical rainforest, offering learning opportunities on research, conservation, education and sustainable livelihoods for the local community and visitors of all ages.  

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