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CECCOT has a wonderful partnership with the Herreras, a local family who owns the Hacienda Herrera. The Hacienda Herrera is where our research, education and conservation work is conducted, and it offers facilities that are comfortable and constructed in a rustic, jungle lodge style. There are a couple of private cabins and thatch-covered shared bedrooms, a large and well-appointed common area, and plenty of tropical grounds and open space to enjoy. Most of the bedrooms are dorm-style, holding 2-4 people, with a shared bathroom with running water. 


CECCOT is located in the Tambopata Province of Madre de Dios, close to the town of Puerto Maldonado. CECCOT's conservation area is situated in a remarkable ecozone -- highly acclaimed for its rich, biodiverse, tropical habitats.. Mature and secondary lowland rainforests, palm swamps, riparian corridors, and savannahs occur here. Numerous rare, endemic and endangered species live in these habitats.


The local weather is marked by dry and wet seasons. It can rain anytime, so rain gear is necessary to have on hand. Days are mostly hot with lots of humidity, though early morning can be a little chilly. When packing to visit us at CECCOT, please bring something warm, like a fleece jacket and warm hat, just in case!


We provide excellent food. Our aim is to serve all-natural, fresh, local, sustainable meals. Most of the food is vegetarian, with plenty of variety to fit almost every tastebud! You will have access to purified water and freshly brewed coffee -- to help you get up with the sun and explore all that the Amazon Rainforest has to offer!   

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